The Best Tasting Protein Powder Makes All The Difference

In one valiant go, our crack team of beefcake reviewers pitted the top 10 protein powders against one another in the ultimate taste-off. These brave men and women sacrificed their Saturday afternoons for a no-holds-barred protein powder throwdown in order to settle the matter once and for all. So!:

Which Protein Powder Is the Best-Tasting?


The Methodology

Each reveiwer sat in front of ten cups of protein shake, all mixed with water, each according to the directions on the can. Over the course of the next ten minutes, each took a modest swig – enough to coat the tongue and provide a full dose of the favor as well as mouthfeel – of each cup, with a palate-cleansing 60 seconds between each in order to reflect and assign a score.


After each drink, the reviewers scored the shakes on a 1 to 5 scale for 3 criteria: taste; mouthfeel (or texture); and aftertaste. Once they had scored all ten cups, the contest proceeeded to the round 2, in which each reviewer revisited their top 3 scoring drinks to confirm their judgments, and finally assign a personal winner.

Once each reviewer has chosen a winner, the votes for #1 were tallied, and the shake with most votes, in this case by a landslide 8 out of 10 votes, was from EAS (Energy Athletics Strength). Therefore, it is our unbiased conclusion that, unequivocally:

When Taste Matters, Pick EAS’s Protein Powder

best-tasting-protein-powder EAS offers what seems to be the best-tasting protein supplement line on the market with its Myoplex Original formula lineup.

EAS, which stands for Energy Athletics Strength, initially developed its Myoplex Original powder in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It had such great success – based almost solely on the taste – that it also expanded this into a line of ready-to-drink protein shakes.

The company typically sells its powder in the form of packets to help you get the perfect amount of protein with the best taste.

For a rich, creamy protein shake use a single packet with 15 oz. of water or skim milk. You don’t need a blender to mix it, but users like the rich lather that happens when using a shaker or blender for a little under a minute. One nice benefit of the packet is that they don’t clump when your water or milk is cold, so you get an even drink with no chalky problems.

EAS says the best time to use its Myoplex line is within 30 minutes after you finish a workout in order to get the most out of its muscle recovery proteins. It also works as a meal replacement with enough calories, fats, and proteins to keep you going throughout the day.

Tasting the Best

If you’re here, you’re looking for assurance that it has taste done right. The top review we’ve seen for the protein – beyond a personal preference for the vanilla goodness – comes from one woman who found Myoplex to taste just like Nestlé’s Nesquik chocolate milk drink.

If it tastes like something that millions of kids have delighted in for more than 50 years, EAS has to be doing something right.

Another Amazon reviewer said that the original and lite versions of its vanilla flavor taste “almost exactly like cake batter,” a great note for the sweets fans out there. Also a big plus since the company uses an all-natural sweetener that’s less of a dietary trouble than many others.

You don’t have to take just our word for it either. When looking at GNC’s own review as well as those of its customers, the Myoplex chocolate cream powder always scores the coveted “Tastes Good” mark in its pro column. Users also consistently rated it as both easy to swallow and easy to mix. reviewers, who are looking more for weight gain than taste in the products they want, consistently rate Myoplex formulas among the best tasting on the site. The site itself uses Myoplex as its example of a protein shake to try out if you’ve had a previous bad-taste experience with powders.

Customers across all three sites also note that it has little aftertaste and doesn’t cause any GI or stomach concerns.
Users tend to like the chocolate flavor the most, but vanilla and strawberry options score just below chocolate in terms of taste and mixing. Cutting it with milk and ice seems to give a good, creamy taste and texture that lots enjoy. You should stick to skim or fat-free milk, however, as regular milk will cause clumps in almost any powder and will also increase the fats you’re consuming, something hard to adjust for when scheduling out a diet and a meal plan.

Myoplex also has a good reputation for going down and staying down after a workout. That may not initially seem like something to check for, but the only burn you want to feel is in your muscles, so treat your stomach right.

Nutrition, Baby

Although taste is the biggest draw for the Myoplex Original line, it does offer some solid nutrition as a meal replacement for your off days or as a big weight-gain booster for your workout days.

Each serving, or packet, contains 42 grams of protein and 280 calories, regardless of the flavor type. Each flavor also packs a healthy dose of 27 essential vitamins and minerals as well as 12% of your daily fiber. It relies on Splenda for its sweetener.

The only nutritional difference among the flavors is that its chocolate cream option contains slightly more sodium and potassium than its vanilla or strawberry flavors.

Because of the calorie count in these shakes, you’re fine using it to replace meals throughout the day. Depending on your workout regimen, you may want to use it as part of a six-meal plan or as a supplement for directly after a workout instead.

The protein works great for serious body building as well as efforts that are focused on toning muscles and cutting weight. It all depends on how you use it, but it is safe for each.

If you’re planning on using it to boost gym time and recovery, EAS says you need to have a shake within 30 minutes, because it and other shakes will lose their recovery effectiveness outside of the 30-minute window.

Six Tasty Meals

EAS has designed its Myoplex Original formula to be part of a meal plan that has six meals each day. This meal plan allows your body to be fueled on a regular basis and can help prevent feelings of hunger or dips in your blood sugar thanks to a consistent insulin level.

The six-meal design also allows your muscles to have a steady supply of proteins as you work out and build up. This should be a combination of three light meals and three Myoplex shakes, in order to load your body with protein and amino acids, so you’ve got good absorption levels throughout the entire day.

Eating frequently not only cuts your appetite, but also helps you regulate your body and increase your fat loss. Even if you don’t supplement three meals with the Myoplex shakes – which is advisable only if you’re looking to gain weight along with your muscle – the six-meal strategy can have the other health benefits touted by EAS.

EAS calls a three-meal plan a “dietary rollercoaster” that causes rises and falls in blood sugar and periods of the day where you’re not fully stocked on amino acids – hurting muscle development as well as your overall energy levels.

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