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[Review] Muscletech Phase8 Whey Protein Powder

Muscle Tech Phase8 has been formulated to stick with you through your most intense workouts, and repair any muscle damage that results. I take my workouts seriously. As soon as I get down to work, my muscles will be looking for the support a whey protein powder will provide. The minute I start to sweat, I want to be sure the calories fueling my cardio sessions are coming out of unwanted body fat, not from melting muscle.


Muscle Tech Phase8 has 26 grams of protein packed into every scoop. A high-percentage of these proteins are whey protein hydrolysates. These are the most easily absorbed into our digestive systems, resulting in a nearly instantaneous release into the bloodstream. The minute my muscles get moving, there is energy waiting to be burned.

muscletech phase 8 protein powder review

Hydrolysates are a premium whey protein product and priced accordingly. Many of the other whey protein powders out there contain little or no hydrolysates. Most are a combination of whey protein isolates and concentrates that helps keep their cost down. For me, the higher price is worth knowing that I’ll have a more productive session, and be building more powerful muscle mass.

I like a dose of Peanut Butter Chocolate Phase8 blended with ice, banana and low-fat chocolate milk. It’s creamy and smooth and packed with the proteins and amino acids in the Phase8. The fruit adds flavor and texture, and the chocolate milk brings it all together. I drink it about a half an hour before my workout begins.

Best Price: 4.5 lbs for $45.38 at Amazon

A lot of the guys at the gym will mix their powders with water and a spoon, but I keep a battery-powered mini-mixer in my locker. Phase8 mixes well, but as with most protein powders, it gets a somewhat grainy quality when mixed with cold water and a spoon. Shakes and smoothies are the way to go. I’ll even ask the girls at the local Booster Juice to sneak a scoop of Phase8 into my smoothie if I need a grab and go on my way to the gym. Phase8 shakes work great between meals as well.

As soon as I start my stretches, I can feel my muscles move it up a notch. I think it’s got a lot to do with the high levels of hydrolysates, and top-quality whey isolates. I started out using BPI Sports Whey-HD, but it never provided an immediate boost to get my blood pumping. By the time I hit the weights, I want to be 100% primed and ready. Other whey blend powders weren’t bad, and I know a lot of guys who swear by Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. It’s a best-seller, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Muscle Tech’s Phase8 is loaded with the best whey and milk protein isolates. They contain more than 90% pure protein and carry very few carbs, and little or no fat. They’re often lactose-free which means less chance of gas and bloating. Some days, I may have three or four drinks a day. The isolates are quick-release proteins as well. They help get me through cardio and into the resistance training sessions. Low-energy is not an option for me when I workout. Since I’ve started using Phase8, it has never been a problem.

Phase8 does come with 7 grams of carbs per scoop. However, comparable (but cheaper) products may contain up to double that amount. If weight-loss is a priority for you, remember you’ll be taking in at least 150 calories per serving of Muscle Tech’s Phase8. It’s formulated for hard-core, competitive fitness freaks. For me, a couple hundred calories aren’t an issue. If you’re into a run every couple of days, and want to burn some leftover baby-fat, this ain’t the powder for you.

Phase8 includes a bunch of other good stuff that ensures my muscles stay in an anabolic state. The calories my body is converting into energy, are not coming from my muscles. This is critical. I’ve put a lot of time and money into building this body. If there are insufficient protein and amino acids available to me during a high-intensity workout, my muscles may go into a catabolic state. Not good. I want to know that fat is being gobbled up and turned into fuel to help bulk up my body muscle.

Whey is great stuff, but it doesn’t last forever. The scientists and product developers at Muscle Tech formulated Phase8 to include micellar casein. Micellar casein is a premium protein derivative that comes from dairy products. Casein protein is very slow to absorb into the system. It forms a kind of gel when it combines with the digestive juices in our stomachs. It may take time to become bio-available, but by the time it has broken down, it has broken down fully. It has made an awesome supply of high-quality amino acids available to us.

In total, six different kinds of premium proteins have been incorporated into Muscle Tech’s Phase8 formula. These include the whey protein hydrolysates and isolates as well as milk isolates. These proteins are highly bio-available, but rapidly absorbed. They provide me with a kick to get started. Micellar casein and calcium caseinate move in to provide the sustained support my muscles need. I can keep at it for hours knowing that Muscle Tech’s Phase8 is working on several levels to ensure my supply of proteins and amino acids are never exhausted.

An added bonus is that each serving of Phase8 includes 100 milligrams of a digestive enzyme matrix. This keeps all of those different proteins and nutrients working their way into your system as they should. 4.6 grams of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) help produce hormones that stimulate muscle synthesis and increase muscle mass even more. Like micellar casein and slow-release proteins, BCAAs also discourage the body from burning muscle tissue. When we exercise, we always want to remain anabolic. The last thing we need is a muscle-wasting, counterproductive catabolic crisis!

Other user reviews of Muscle Tech Phase8 also give the product a thumbs up when it comes to taste. It contains zero grams of sugar per serving, and is sweetened with sucralose instead. I don’t have a problem with it. It’s better than aspartame-sweetened powders as far as I am concerned, and keeps the sugar count at nil. Peanut Butter Chocolate is the flavor of favor, but vanilla also got good reviews.

All of this has earned Muscle Tech’s Phase8 a 9/10 rating here on ProteinPowderReviews. Phase 8 is a hit. According to Muscle Tech’s website, Phase8 has “a superior, clean macro-nutrient profile”. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I completely understand what that means.

Review Summary

Muscle Tech Phase8 is a sustained-release protein powder with the added benefit of several BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and 100 milligrams of digestive enzymes . Whey and milk isolates are combined with micellar casein protein to provide a steady supply of nutrients to your muscles. 150 calories per serving with 26 grams of protein in the scoop means that you are getting 69% of your calories from protein. There is no sugar involved but sucralose is used as a sweetener. One scoop has a single gram of carbohydrates, and only two grams of fat.

If you’re looking to lose weight or trying for a more toned look, you probably don’t need to be paying for a specially-formulated, sustained release product like Phase8. This is a whey protein powder for the hardcore fat-burning workout machine-type, not your average medium-intensity, 3 or 4 times a week exerciser. But if you go at it hard and often, Muscletech’s Phase8 is an excellent choice.

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