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[Review] Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds and build lean muscle mass, but don’t want to suck back sucralose, corn syrup and fructoolgosaccharides (whatever they were) every time you toss a banana in the blender with a cup of yogurt and a scoop of protein powder, then you’ll find Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder just may find it fits your needs. It’s a relative newcomer to the protein powder scene, but it has already gained a diehard base of loyal followers who appreciate it’s pure, no-nonsense approach to protein.


Raw Organic Whey is a USDA-certified organic whey protein powder. It is sourced entirely from small-scale family farms in America. The cows on these farms are raised without growth-hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They are grass-fed, and graze on land which has not been treated with chemical pesticides or herbicides. Better still, grass-fed dairy cows are allowed to roam free with their calves, whereas conventional factory farms separate the babies from their mothers almost immediately.

raw organic whey protein powder review

Why and How So Pure?

Many of the steps used to collect and process Raw Organic Whey Protein Powders are no different from those used with conventional protein powders. Whey, along with casein protein are collected as by-products when cheese is made. Both are excellent sources of complete proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids our bodies need but cannot synthesize on their own.

Of course, with a raw, organic product, the milk that the protein is derived from must come from dairy cattle who graze on organic pastures and receive no drugs or steroids. Both the cattle and the grass on which they feed are checked for contaminants. When the milk reaches the cheese-making facility, it is tested again.

First the whey from the organic cheese-maker must be collected and the whey protein isolated and purified. Raw Organic Whey Protein does this without the use of acids and other chemicals that are a part of the ion exchange method of whey separation. Instead, they use enzymes to refine the whey. The whey is also processed at low temperatures. This qualifies it as a raw product, and is believed to better preserve the amino acids and other nutrients in the whey that eventually find their way into the final product. The milk itself is initially pasteurized, albeit for a very short period of time (less than half a minute) and at low temperatures.

The finished product is not cheap, but it is a superior whey protein powder. We here at are converts, and now count ourselves among those loyal diehard fans. And we’re not the only ones raving. users give it a higher than 4-star rating, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive feedback. Raw Organic Whey Protein is available for sale online. The best price we found was at Amazon.

Best Price: 12 ozs for $30 at Amazon

Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder is a unique product. For now, it may only appeal to a niche market of both health- and environmentally-conscious consumers. But it is a quality protein product that delivers 25 grams of protein in every serving with only 2 grams each of carbohydrates and sugars. There is no fat, no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.

It wasn’t the cheapest protein powder, nor was it the most expensive. But for me, it was the best option out there. Knowing my purchase is supporting local, sustainable, American-owned family farms is worth a couple of extra bucks at the till. They say that you get what you pay for. In this case, it’s worth paying more to get less chemical crap in the supplements I consume. The protein that goes into Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder comes from cows that graze on real grass in pastures; not pen-confined cattle that feed on pellets in factory farms.

Review Summary

A single serving contains 25 grams of Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder of which 20 grams is high-quality complete, organic whey protein. You will be taking in a single gram of fat, two grams of carbohydrates and another two grams of sugar. This is an all-natural product, and no residual hormones, antibiotics or steroids will be found in a serving of Raw Organic Whey Protein Powder. These are commonly found as residuals in conventional whey protein powders. Raw Organic Whey is one of the most expensive products

Quick Stats:

  • Our Rating: 9 out of 10. Excellent
  • Cost Per Serving: $2.50 per serving.
  • Cost Comparison: Expensive
  • Best Price: 12 oz for $35 at