The Best Protein Powder For Men

Is There Such A Thing?

There’s no best protein powder for all men, but there is a best protein powder for you.
Knowing your needs and your wants in a protein powder and supplement can help you pick what’s best and stay away from something with too many calories or not enough protein.


The three big uses for protein powders are adding muscle mass, strengthening lean muscles, and losing weight. The first step in your journey is to pick your activity and then learn about the protein types that will help you along the way.


After that, look at a top recommendation for each category to see what will work best for your desires. The path to good health and a better you is just a spoonful away.

Know Your Proteins

Part of picking the right protein powder is knowing your proteins. For men, the two most recommended types of proteins are they whey proteins and casein proteins. For protein powders, whey is very common and usually comes in one of three forms: hydrolysates, isolates, and concentrates.

Knowing more about these and other proteins will ensure you get pick the right pack.

A breakdown of these common proteins looks like this:

  • Whey Hydrolysate. This is one of the better whey proteins because it is absorbed very quickly by the body. It is good for powders used before or right after workouts and delivers energy and nutrients quickly to your body. It also is packed with amino acids and tends to be less allergenic than other forms of whey.
  • Whey Isolate. This is a whey protein that often has added milk proteins, but is processed to remove much of lactose and fat of the milk. It also absorbs quickly but is not quite as potent as a hydrolysate. It also is more likely to cause reactions in those allergic to dairy products.
  • Whey Concentrate. This whey has low levels of fat and cholesterol but enough essential nutrients to build your muscles. It increases the metabolic rate to help stave off hunger and plays a big role in meal replacements. Whey concentrate also helps develop muscle fibers.
  • Casein. Casein is milk’s most abundant protein and it helps provide a long-lasting effect to most protein powders. It is a strong meal replacement and is a necessity for powders using during intense bodybuilding sessions. It is often packed with amino acids and gives you a great balanced approach to protein absorption.

Beyond proteins themselves there are a few other ingredients to keep in mind. Glutamine, an amino acid, should be present in your powders because it increases your recovery and helps repair tissue quickly. Aminogen is a digestive enzyme found in many new powders because it allows for better absorption and reduces the unpleasant GI side effects of many protein supplements.

Optimal Weight with Optimum Nutrition

One of the most-recommended protein powders is also one of the best to use if you’re looking to lose weight without gaining a lot of muscle mass: Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Gold Standard.

Each serving includes:

  • 24 grams of protein,
  • 3g carbohydrates,
  • 1g of fat,
  • 120 calories.

Optimum recommends initially using it as a snack right before or after a workout to help your recovery and weight loss. Because of the low calorie count, it should only be used as a meal replacement if you’re already meeting calorie and dietary requirements.

The company offers more than 20 flavors, most of which have good reviews for taste and mixability. Optimum Nutrition also has a brand that adds in oats to provide more calories and fiber in case you’re in need of a complete meal replacement.

Optimum suggests that you add fruits and other nutritious supplements to your mix when making it a replacement on a consistent basis.

Staying Fit and Trim with CytoSport

To stay lean and mean you’ll want a protein powder that has fewer calories in favor of nutrients, amino acids, and fiber. These powders will supply your muscles with fuel to keep going but limit protein enough that you’re not adding mass.

CytoSport Muscle Milk is one of the more popular lean-building protein powders. Each serving has just 16 grams of proteins and 150 calories. The reason it is so popular is because the low calorie and protein count allow you to easily tailor the amount you use each day to your workout.

Muscle Milk uses a combination of casein and whey protein for a long workout benefit. Each serving also contains 2 grams of fiber.

The company says its powder allows for increased muscle growth that stays under natural levels because it is developed to be similar to the milk of a human mother.
Another reason Muscle Milk earns high marks is because it tastes great. Each different flavor has a lot praise around the Web, from the white chocolate mousse to the peanut butter chocolate.

Getting Massive with Mass-Tech

If you want to gain muscle mass without losing weight, try a mass gainer such as Muscletech’s Mass-Tech Powder. This type of protein powder will be very high in protein, calories, and carbohydrates.

Muscletech’s Mass-Tech is one of the most prevalent powders on the market for making large gains. It offers 70 grams of protein in each serving. A serving also contains 1,000 calories, 5 grams of BCAAs, 5 grams of fats, and 168 grams of carbohydrates.

The carbohydrates will help burn energy and build muscle by promoting glycogen replenishment and pushing your body into an anabolic state. Most reviews say it takes a couple weeks to start seeing a weight gain and muscle gain, but they’re generally pleased with the results.

One nice thing is that Muscletech’s Mass-Tech doesn’t make people feel bloated, a big problem for many gainers.

It consistently performs well in taste tests and reviews with GNC saying it has beat out many competitors in different trials. It may take a little getting used to, but it provides good gains over time and really seems to grow on people.

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